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50 years of passion for fur coats

Isabella C, based in Kitzbühel (Austria), is one of the most renowned and appreciated Italian atelier, specialized in the creation of tailor-made fur coats.

Funded over 50 years ago by Erminio “Nino” Cappellesso, Isabella C was born as an atelier for the creation of tailor-made clothing for men, and also of formal dresses.
During the years, the company rediscovers the passion for the finest materials like leather, sheepskin and fur.

Thanks to the handmade product’s quality and the choice of high quality materials, Isabella C quickly stood out on the market of fur coats, carrying on its shoulders the most appreciated Italian tradition in this field.

The strong point of Kitzbühel’s atelier is the creation of tailor-made fur coats: unique and fine clothing, in which the beauty of tradition combines with the most recent fashion trends.

Classic mink coats made look younger by horizontal manufacturing, coloured fur coats, reversible fur coats with cashmere, short-sleeved foxes: Isabella C is capable of satisfying the needs of customers of every age, even the youngest girls.



All you can ask to an atelier

The artisanal skill of Isabella C is not limited to the realization of dresses. You can also turn to Isabella C’s ateliers in Kitzbühel (Austria) to repair old fur coats, transforming a worn-out dress into a young, up to date and modern one.

Isabella and the other artisans are at the customer’s disposal to help him with his choice and to establish if the old fur coats can be repaired or if it’s more convenient opting for the return of used dress, which amortize the cost of the purchase of a new fur coat.

Isabella C’s offer includes, besides fur coats, a vast choice of accessories: shrugs, handbags, belts and caps, to value every dressing style.


The quality and Italian tailoring tradition

Craftsmanship with a unique style in the world


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